Test shoot.

I purchased a canon usm f2.0 100mm lens the other day specifically for portrait work. So as a hitching-to-go photographer I wanted to try it out. I’ve come to discover that the quality of your images doesn’t come from the expensive full framed camera bodies out there, it’s from the specific lens you take painstaking research to learn and then purchase!!

I wanted to add the f2.0 100mm to my arsenal of lens because I want to be able to capture wedding couples and the guests  in a memorable way during park photography and guess what the lens speaks for itself.

Therefore I asked a friend Frances to come along with me to a Park in East London on a very Sunny Saturday last year to try out the lens.(Yeah last year and I’m finally getting round to uploading the images!!)

Here are few of the images enjoy..001 002 003 004



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