Mayowa & Tola

Yay!! Spring is finally here.

I can only start by saying “isn’t it nice to finally fold those warm-chunky-woollen jackets away o’ ye British”

My tasks for the year has started and this blog features Mayowa and Tola a wonderful couple who will be getting married this month. I will be blogging their wedding ceremony soon.

I was introduced to them by one of my mentors Dare Adegbaju (a promising photojournalist and commercial entrepreneur now based in Nigeria) sometime in January and planning had been in place since then. Mayowa actually referred to one of my previous blogs when we spoke.

So off we went to Victoria Park at East London on Saturday and we had immense fun. Everything including the ever unpredictable English weather worked in our favour.

Mayowa and Tola really complement each other and you can tell they’re contented. Congrats  guys welcome to the wonderful “marriage” club.


So viewers take a cosy seat  and enjoy the following images and please make an attempt to comment at the bottom.



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