Mary & Wale – A nice Engagement Ceremony. London UK.

Wow, May’s coming to an end pretty snappy.

I must say I’ve been too busy to describe in the past two months hence why it’s taken a while to put up a post.

I’ve been merging full-time Construction with full-time photography on a weekly basis and there just isn’t enough hours in the day. Well not that I’m complaining  I do enjoy what I do and the returns is somewhat encouraging (lol)

Most of my time goes to Wedding consultations with couples and we also go as far as recommending vendors like DJs, reception venues, MCs etc to ensure intending couples have the best for their budget.


Anyway, this post features a close couple’s engagement which I covered in mid April , Wale (the Groom) is a really good friend of mine , a cool singer ( and someday writer) down to earth and always helpful. He really supported me during my wedding two years ago which coincidentally was his birthday. Mary beams with smiles she’s lovely, caring and always lending a helping hand too.

Friends like these are hard to find and they do stick with you through challenges.

I have a selected number of images so it’s not a full Nigerian Engagement kind-of-post.

Congratulations Mary and Wale


Enjoy the blog.




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