Lara & Emmanuel’s wedding at Parma Italy.

Happy new year everyone. Its been a while I last dropped a post and it’s because I’m now a father and babies don’t like the idea of staying up late at night post producing whilst they starve and crave cuddles.It’s the most amazing thing any husband can experience too and yes I’ve been urinated on severally.

This blog features Lara and Emmanuel who got married last year at Parma City in Italy. Lara and Emmanuel had their pre-wedding and Traditional wedding last year too and we covered it all.(Please refer to previous posts.)


Parma is a very nice place to ┬ávisit and it’s unbelievably hot during the summer.I didn’t get much time to do a detailed tour of the place as I was working but hey I’ve got plans to visit Italy again.

Special appreciation to Fabulous Touch Makeover (Ope Okuneye) for the bride’s makeover and to Mira Archibong for Bride’s hairstyle.

Enjoy this one and have a good weekend!

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