Lara & Emmanuel (Couple’s engagement session)

Hi everyone, good to be back after a very long time. A photographer’s time is so valuable because he has so much to do, from meeting Clients 10%, to taking images 20%, and them post producing them  40%, not to also mention the ever demanding blog/website /diary upkeep 15%.(The other 15% goes to learning and improving skills)(my personal analysis) I utterly respect all the professional guys I learn from and I must say it’s a heck of a time-grabbing hobby :) Luckily and in-fact most importantly my wife helps me through the busiest times with advice, work-scheduling and sheer patience.I’ll write a post soon on her wonderful beadwork and make-over works.(Fabulous Touch).


Whilst we’re getting set for more events this year I want to introduce you to Lara and Emmanuel. I’ve known Lara for more than 3 years and I must say she’s very organised,articulate and straight to the point. (a professional photographer’s dream Client.)

Emmanuel is who I call a young talented and financially shrewd guy . He’s easy-going quiet but mentally witty and commercially alive. They make a perfect match and I must say they are what I call a 21st-century-couple.


Lara and I discussed her Engagement and Wedding ceremonies last July and plans have been in place since then.

We covered their pre-wedding session at a fantastic park in East London and here are few of the images for your Sunday evening pleasure. :) 



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