Kemi & Anthony at Barking Essex.

Whilst I’m getting ready for a fruitful year I thought I should share this with my rapidly growing audience.

In October last year I was informed of a wedding ceremony at the last-minute and since I wasn’t busy on that Saturday I thought sure why not document it.

I wasn’t able to cover the bride’s hotel preparation as a result of the late notice but I just about made it to the Groom’s place at East London.

The great photographers out there know that weddings can be especially challenging and exhausting (especially the African ones) and the long hours fit in nicely as a replacement for a gym work-out!!!

It was a great day full of wonderful emotions, it rained at some point which was why I had to think of a substitute location for the official train’s session. (Luckily I found a backstage room at the reception so I simply drew the curtain to make a classic background and Bob was your Uncle!!!).

Enough said enjoy the images and feel free to say a word or two!!!!

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