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Franca & Ian. Engagement session. West London.

Hi there everyone,

Following my return from Parma Italy where we covered a wedding event between Lara and Emmanuel,(I did a post on their session recently)I thought I should write a blog on another couple’s pre-wedding session before I get too busy with post-production work.By the way Italy is a very nice place and I shall be sharing few landscape images with you soon.


I must say at this point that it’s very crucial for couples planning their wedding to have a photo-shoot before their D-day not because photographers seek that chance to get more of your money but because you need to know what expressions/postures work for you, it helps you understand your photographer better and also get to experience the unusual, slightly awkward postures he/she will ask of you before your day.

Lastly, it helps document your wedding journey especially when Clients choose our package that provides a wedding guest book from the pre-wedding session (which is normally fill up with warm gestures and parting prayers on the wedding day)


Right, this blog features Franca a friend I’ve known for a while and Ian. A master-artiste I follow closely once said no pre-wedding or wedding occasion is the same as everyone has different ways to show the love they share between each other.These guys are absolutely cool-headed and they share memorable moments too. I’m actually looking forward to their wedding day as they both have solid ┬ádance rhythms so I’m expecting plenty of stunts. (…Just like candy….)

So off we went to a popular Park in West London just before the “heat-wave” descended on us Londoners like we’ve never seen it ┬ábefore.

Enjoy this post.



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