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Emmanuel & Lara’s Engagement Ceremony.

Wow! August’s nearly over?Time just doesn’t hang around does it?Soon, those Christmas commercials will start coming off our ear-loops.

Anyway, whilst we’re busy creating more memories through the events we’ve got left in the year, here is a little post on Emmanuel and Lara’s engagement ceremony which happened in London recently.We love documenting these special events as it reflects all the handwork invested in them by the couple and their loved ones and also portrays the character/story between the love birds. A big appreciation to Obi Nwokedi a phenomenon photographer in London who helped us cover the start of the ceremony whilst I was with the bride.


I’m seizing this opportunity to also introduce you all to “Fabulous Touch”Ope Okuneye who’s also my wife. She specialises in the creation of bespoke beadwork (in any colour scheme) for any occasion and also in complete make up application. Ope was privileged to work with Lara and the images say it all.


So please enjoy these.



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